Animals Headlines

Octopus Wardrobes Full Of Useless Shoes

OCTOPUSES' wardrobes are full of hundreds of pairs of useless shoes, new research reveals.

That Shrew Is So Fucking Hammered, Say Zoologists

YOU should have totally seen this shrew, it was out of its face, a team of zoologists claimed last night.

Famous People To Spend All Day Humping Goats

BRITAIN'S famous people are to spend much of their time engaged in base sexual practices after being given the go-ahead by a High Court judge.

Mystery Bug Deported

A MYSTERY insect discovered at the Natural History Museum in London has been deported, the Home Office confirmed last night. 

Power Of Thought Fails To Free Monkey From Terrifying Laboratory

A MONKEY has failed in its bid to escape from a laboratory using nothing but the power of thought.

Ian, a four year-old capuchin, attempted the telekinetic feat after using his thoughts to operate a robotic arm and feed himself a banana.

He said: "In case you were wondering - yes, having all those pointy electrodes rammed into your brain does hurt like a bastard.

"If it didn't, then why the fuck am I the one wearing the electric helmet?"

Hang On, This Isn’t Majorca, Say Angry Pandas

A PAIR of giant Pandas who arrived in Scotland this week have claimed they were duped after being promised a fortnight in Majorca.

Flower Was Asking For It, Says Bee

A DAFFODIL who accused a Bumblebee of groping it in a public park was asking for it, the bee claimed last night. 

Huge, Disgusting Insects On Brink Of Extinction

ENORMOUS, terrifying tropical insects that are the stuff of nightmares may at last be on the brink of extinction, it was claimed last night.