Agony Aunt

Ask Holly: It has been a mental few days but now I am back in my cage

MUMMU did some loud swearing about Sophie's mum and drank quite a lot of her own special Ribena.

Ask Holly: Seeing as Brexit is going so well, maybe I should try to start a war too?

BE CAREFUL picking fights with people in case they have a mentalist dad from Glasgow.

Ask Holly: My poor wife has been robbed and now I am truly narked

I AM going to find those French nincompoops and give them one of my shattering death stares.

Ask Holly: How should I document my illustrious career?

OUR school guidance counsellor, Angela, told Erica she should use art to express her feelings.

Ask Holly: I'm suffering with a terrible sense of deja vu

I HAVE a terrible sense of deja vu. Any idea why? Yours, Mary Berry

Ask Holly: I'm trying to squeeze out another boy wizard book so that I can buy Belgium

HE'LL stop bothering about all that magic nonsense and start a half-hearted interest in home brewing.

Ask Holly: Putin is actually pretty sound

EVERYONE told me he's a dick but he's actually pretty sound and we have loads in common.