Agony Aunt

Ask Holly: After 90 years of the same, I just want everyone to shove off

US millennialists aren't into all that old fashioned ice-cream and jelly musical statues rubbish.

Ask Holly: Any ideas for EU reform?

ASK for school to be abolished and for Elsa from Frozen to be your best friend.

Ask Holly: My dad might be posthumously about to end my career as prime minister

DON'T worry, everyone's dad is rubbish and embarrassing sometimes.

Ask Holly: I'm running out of hateful things to say

YOU should follow my granny on Twitter, if you don't already.

Ask Holly: Where can I buy a bandeau mini-cassock?

ATHEISM isn't a wise choice if you are a schoolkid.

Ask Holly: My new GF Cheryl is totes on fleek

WHEN I was little, we had a German au pair called Valborga and she was 17.

Ask Holly: I want to see Orlando's elf gear

SORRY to hear your new boyfriend has such a silly name.

Ask Holly: My work colleague makes fun of my clothes

I BLAME your parents for ruining your life.