Agony Aunt

Ask Holly: We're going to put on a massive concert to end Nigel Farage - Do you think we can pull it off?

If Brexit happens the British people will no longer have access to Nutella or Toblerone or Ferrero Rocher, which would be nothing short of a CATASTROPHE.

Ask Holly: I really hate that goody-two-shoes Jeremy Corbyn

HE'S nothing but a pathetic beardy ball-bag.

Ask Holly: Is Alistair Darling into techno?

YOU can tell a lot about a person by rifling through their belongings.

Ask Holly: I've found a new source of propaganda on the Dave channel

JOHN Major was a weak man bullied into having Brussels sprouts.

Ask Holly: Doing stunts and getting off with fit birds is all very well but I want a new challenge

ASIDE from being a musical genius, Harry Styles can beat Garry Kasparov at chess.

Ask Holly: How about Geriatric Karaoke?

MY daddy has loads of things called CDs, which, apparently is how people used to listen to music in the olden days.

Ask Holly: It's time to wreak vengeance and put an apocalypse into action

THERE should be more children's programmes dealing with apocalyptic themes.

Agony Aunt: Dear Holly, I'm being mocked by a pig-molester

"That bastard David Cameron thinks it's so funny to laugh at the ambiguous pronunciation of my name."