Agony Aunt

Ask Holly: Instagram destroyed my soul

MY GRANNY post photos of random old lady stuff.

Ask Holly: My boss keeps flirting with me

OUR teacher is always cracking maths jokes.

Ask Holly: Why have I brought back grammar schools?

I WOULD love to go to a posh girls' school where they wear stupid hats.

Ask Holly: I just want to play with my train set

I PREFER to extract myself from the twee middle-class world that CBeebies inhabits.

Ask Holly: Will my souffle remark trigger a Mumsnet vendetta?

WHOEVER invented a way for mums to do their gossiping on the internet is on a par with the person who invented the atomic bomb.

Ask Holly: My husband watches Peppa Pig in the dark

"He also comes home in the middle of the night stinking of Frazzles."

Ask Holly: Do you think 'Yeezy III' is a good title?

TWO men approached me in the street and showed me a fine fabric which they said was so beautiful that stupid people can't see it.