Agony Aunt

Ask Holly: Are colouring books suitable for grown men?

COLOURING in is NOT suitable for adults, and certainly not adults of a fragile state of mind.

Ask Holly: I've been married to Catherine Zeta Jones for 15 years, please help me

WHEN I grow up I'm going to marry Beyonce because my teacher says ladies are allowed to marry other ladies now.

Ask Holly: I just found out that lots of people in this country have got absolutely no money

DID you know that there's actually no such person as Peppa Pig?

Ask Holly: Instagram destroyed my soul

MY GRANNY post photos of random old lady stuff.

Ask Holly: My boss keeps flirting with me

OUR teacher is always cracking maths jokes.

Ask Holly: Why have I brought back grammar schools?

I WOULD love to go to a posh girls' school where they wear stupid hats.

Ask Holly: I just want to play with my train set

I PREFER to extract myself from the twee middle-class world that CBeebies inhabits.