Your problems solved, with Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
I think I might be in with a chance with a man I see every morning on the way to work. He’s not the most stylish man, but he always tries to make eye contact and, bless him, as an excuse to make conversation with me he always asks me if I have any spare change or want to buy the Big Issue: isn’t that adorable?  Next time I see him shall I let love run its course and just kiss him, like in the films?

Dear Gina,
I can’t think of anything more gross than letting a dirty, smelly boy spit into your mouth. For all you know, he’s been collecting dried dog turds, or playing with his pee-pee or picking his nose and eating it, like little boys tend to do. The worst of all would be French kissing where you puke into each others’ mouths. Yuck.
Instead of allowing this person to slime you with his tongue you should be doing something useful like learning another dance from High School Musical or drawing a lovely picture of a fairy.
Hope that helps!