Your problems solved, with Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
I introduced the idea of wife swapping at our last neighbourhood watch meeting, but it didn’t go down too well. Now people have stopped talking to me including Mrs Lilley at no.43 who is almost definitely  gagging for it. But thinking about it, maybe wife swapping is a little old fashioned for local tastes: do you think I should suggest some dogging instead?

Dear Peter,
I’ve been here before and know what it can be like to be ousted from the group for making helpful suggestions. Like the time I announced to granny at the table that maybe it would be a good idea if she didn’t come for Sunday dinner again because I’d heard daddy telling mummy that she was a withered old bitch and he wished she’d hurry up and die. I was only trying to save everyone a lot of bother but it seems no-one appreciated the gesture.
Hope that helps!