Your problems solved, with Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
Everyone is being thoroughly horrid to me, just because I happen to have sent a couple of friendly emails. Perhaps I got in with the wrong crowd, but I’m just a people pleaser at heart. How can I make the mean people stop and maybe erase a few files too?
Jeremy Hunt,


Dear Jeremy,
I’m sorry to hear you’re being bullied, and it’s not your fault if you’ve made some dodgy alliances. I did the same once, when I nearly became best friends with a nice man I met at the park. All he wanted to do was invite me in for cakes and to have a look at his new Labrador puppies, which was awfully kind of him, seeing as we’d only just met. But he didn’t like it when I ran home to get my new Barbie to bring along because when me and mummy got back there with the silly hat men in the cars with flashing lights, the nice man had gone. He probably had to go home for tea or something.
Hope that helps!