Bez on standby for Bond theme

BEZ, the maraca player for the Happy Mondays, has declared his readiness to compose the score for the new James Bond film.

Is preparing for the role by imagining his maracas can turn into a sumbmarine

Although he has not been formally approached, the goggle-eyed percussionist said the trend towards film music being composed by rock musicians now meant he was the obvious choice for Skyfall.

He added: “Bangin’.”

Bez is already working on a ‘Bondchester EP’ including a potential theme song entitled The Spy Who Was Fuckin’ Sorted.

His name’s James Bond and he’s a well suave gentleman/His suits are Armani and his car is fucking mental, man.

He’s licensed to kill, all the other spies dread him/So if you ever meet him, best not do his head in.

“Then there’s a fifteen minute maraca solo.”

He added: “Realistically, it’s between me and MC Tunes. I ran into him yesterday in the cash and carry and he’s laying down some proper mental shit.

“‘Ave it.”