Doherty asked for seven more pints of artwork

BOHEMIAN-impersonator Pete Doherty has been inundated with requests for more of his art, especially if it involves an organ.

At least it's worth it

The latest exhibition from the celebrated hat wearer was declared an immediate hit among collectors of overpriced scabs and people who like the idea of Doherty’s blood pressure plummeting.

Nikki Hollis, an enthusiast, said “I’ve always loved the fresco method of applying the medium directly to plaster and would happily help Pete smear his face across my living room wall.

“And thanks to his constant use of the word ‘Albion’, like some Aldi William Blake, I would like to pay £5,000 to extract a mural out of him for my hallway.”

Doherty’s life and work have often been compared to Charles Baudelaire and Albert Camus by people who do not know who either of these people are but want pale, skinny art school girls to have sex with them.

He said he was inspired to create the works for his current exhibition after a dream he had in which Ray Davies and Pete Shelley promised to break all of his fingers if he ever went near a guitar again.

Art critics are divided, with some denouncing it as the sophomoric dabbling of a bored dilettante while another was arrested with a can of petrol and a box of matches insisting he must ‘purge the world of a junkie’s drip-trays selling for two grand a pop’.

But Hollis urged Doherty to continue, adding: “What I’d really like to see is a collaboration between Pete and Ed Sheeran, with the pair of them pissing blood over the canvas like Jackson Pollock having a seizure.”