Kate ‘saddened’ by release of erotic thriller

THE Duchess of Cambridge has expressed dismay at the DVD release of Deadly Desires II: The Temptress, an ‘erotic murder mystery’ in which she stars.

In a scene from the film, Burgundy meets an alluring woman at a drug dealer's house

In the 2003 film, Kate Middleton plays a sexually-repressed secretary, Burgundy Turner, who goes undercover in the seedy world of LA strip clubs to find her sister’s killer.

Burgundy soon loses her inhibitions, becoming a dancer herself and beginning a torrid affair with alcoholic ex-cop detective Nico Hawke, played by Billy Zane, who may himself be untrustworthy.

Deadly Desires II: The Temptress has an Imdb rating of 2.3, and a user review describes it as “Gay on a quantum level.”

After failing to get a distribution deal, the film screened once on Channel 5 in 2007 before being dumped onto Netflix, where it has been watched solely by users flicking through to find breasts.

Royal pundit Nikki Hollis said: “Kate is as worried about the poor quality of the film as she is about the subject matter.

“There’s a scene in the detective’s office where a boom mike is clearly visible as the Duchess of Cambridge delivers the line, ‘I dreamed of Mandy last night, she was calling to me but I couldn’t help her, then a knife went into her head.’

“It is very poor.”

The film will be released on DVD next week with commentary by Prince Phillip. The last time a member of the royal family starred in an erotic thriller was 1998, when Princess Anne played Betty McCain in LA Nights 3: City Steam.