Ken Russell funeral banned by the BBFC

KEN Russell’s funeral will need major cuts, according to the British Board of Funeral Classification.

Perhaps not quite so much horse urine

The barking auteur’s last will includes a storyboard based on of the works of the Marquis De Sade and calls for a cast of 300 nude extras.

Starting with a three-day Roman orgy around his open casket, in which he will be dressed as the god Bacchus, Russell then asked for his coffin to be paraded through the streets in a penis-shaped carriage towed by eight midgets dressed as Hitler.

Funeral censor Roy Hobbs said: “Apart from anything else I’m not sure the family are going to find a vicar who is willing to have their church decked out like an inquisition torture chamber.

“So the fact that Barry Humphries has agreed to star as a transvestite altar boy is neither here nor there.”

Hopes are high that Russell will get the controversial burial he created and Mark Kermode has already asked the BBC to commission a six-part series on the funeral.

Russell’s family say he died peacefully at home, shouting instructions to his doctor through a megaphone.

A spokesman said: “The funeral is already way over budget and we may need to look to foreign investors if we want to include the 250-foot exploding crucifix.”