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Bono unveils album about being a woman

BONO has released an album about his struggles as a woman.

First wave of Bake Off support groups established 

GREAT British Bake Off fans will be able to judge the Victoria sponges of strangers under new support schemes.

Man decides first 10 minutes of new Adam Curtis film should be enough to bluff it

A MAN who saw the first 10 minutes of Adam Curtis's new documentary is to pretend he watched the whole thing.

Pointless winner won’t let £500 prize change his life

THE joint winner of a £1000 jackpot on BBC series Pointless has said that he won't let his new wealth change him.

Ken Loach film criticised for lack of dancing chimney sweeps 

CRITICS have questioned why Ken Loach’s latest film has no chirpy dancing cockneys in it.

Man who is quite good at guitar thinks he’s amazing

A MAN who is competent on the guitar thinks he is unbelievable, it has emerged.

Gamer preferred Lara Croft with fewer polygons

A VETERAN gamer has admitted he found Lara Croft sexier when she only had 250 polygons. 

Tyre fitter used to be fairly well-known rave MC

A GARAGE worker used to be a relatively popular rave MC, he has revealed.