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Men facing Candy Crush discrimination

MALE Candy Crush Saga players are victims of a 'sugar ceiling', it has been claimed.

We like this album, say strangers

A HANDFUL of people you've never met have announced liking an album by James Blake.

New Call of Duty game to be based on TA

THE new Call of Duty game will feature the exploits of the Territorial Army, the developers have revealed.

Eastenders now fully interactive

THE makers of EastEnders are willing to incorporate any viewer suggestions, however absurd or immoral.

Modern musicians throwing tablet devices out of hotel windows

MUSICIANS are hurling touchscreen devices from hotel room windows as televisions are no longer part of the zeitgeist.

Little Big Planet inspires charming crime spree

A DELIGHTFULLY cute crime spree was inspired by the Playstation game Little Big Planet, a court has heard.

Bake Off final to include snake attack

THE Great British Bake Off final will see 300 venomous snakes released into the kitchen during the technical challenge.

Nerds fear getting Malcolm Gladwell book for Christmas

NERDS have asked well-meaning relatives not to give them the new Malcolm Gladwell book for Christmas.