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‘Best albums of 2015’ lists inexplicably different

PROFESSIONALLY-COMPILED list of this year’s best albums somehow have different things on them, it has emerged.

Man wants honest opinion on terrible creative writing

A MAN has asked his friends to give their honest opinion on his awful short stories.

Primark to be zone in new Crystal Maze

PRIMARK will be one of the zones in the new live version of The Crystal Maze, it has been announced.

Mein Kampf given politically correct makeover

A NEW edition of Mein Kampf is being updated for a modern, multicultural audience.

DiCaprio bear sex scene 'tender and loving'

LEONARDO DiCaprio’s new film features a sensual scene of loving, playful intercourse with a brown bear.

Young Doctor Who fan wants to know when gran will regenerate

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Doctor Who fan wants to know when her gran is coming back to life.

Cinemas urged to show 'prayer advert' purely for its entertainment value

CINEMAS have been urged to screen a banned ‘advert for praying’ because it sounds like it might be weirdly entertaining.

Man’s library consists entirely of books off the telly

A MAN’S interest in literature is limited to  tie-ins with TV programmes.