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BBC finally realises its job is to make people more stupid

THE BBC has embraced its role as the UK's leading 'moronifier' with another documentary about drunk teenagers shagging.

Hollywood 'living in some sort of fantasy world'

HOLLYWOOD'S denial of a link between movie violence and gun murder suggests it may be living in some sort of made-up, fantasy world, experts have claimed.

Unemployed limited to Sky 'Documentary' package

SKY viewers on unemployment benefits will only be allowed to watch documentaries, according to new guidelines.

Bowie comeback overshadowed by John Terry's return

NEWS that John Terry is fully fit has blown David Bowie's comeback out of the water.

All middle class people on the 'Wolf Hall spectrum'

EVERY middle class person is either reading, has recently read or is thinking about readingĀ Wolf Hall, it has emerged.

Celebrity Big Brother housemates all ghosts apart from Rylan

CHANNEL 5 has revealed that this year's Celebrity Big Brother housemates are all ghosts, apart from Rylan.