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Britney Spears espouses Marxist theory of labour as value

BRITNEY Spears has admitted her latest single Work Bitch is inspired by the writings of Karl Marx.

Netflix unveils half a million new film genres

STREAMING service Netflix has added new film categories including Upbeat Nocturnal Mammal Docu-Romance and Fanciful Tramp Comedy.

Right-wing BBC launched

THE BBC has announced new channel BBC Right One, aimed at right-wing viewers.

Doctor Who fans say new old episodes not as good as old old episodes

FANS of Doctor Who have slammed rediscovered episodes of the show for being old in a new way.

Blossom is the new essential box set

90s TEEN sitcom Blossom is the next US television must-see, according to TV connoisseurs.

Youth benefits cuts would cause electro-swing

BRITAIN'S music scene will be limited to people with trust funds if youth benefits cuts go ahead.

BBC acts to stop Danny Dyer films

THE BBC has won public support for its move to stop poor quality gangster films by casting Danny Dyer in EastEnders.

Bridget Jones's husband inevitably kills himself

THE husband of fictional character Bridget Jones takes his own life to avoid listening to her incessant bullshit, it has emerged.