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BBC replaces weather forecast with half-naked young man standing in a field

BBC weather forecasts have been scrapped so the broadcaster can show more half-naked young men in rural settings.

Patti Smith's 'Piss Factory' is song of the summer

PATTI Smith's 1974 B-side Piss Factory is the nation's summer jam for 2015.

Banksy exhibit 'somehow worse than Blackpool'

SMELLING of chip fat in a Blackpool amusement arcade is still better than Banksy's latest exhibit, visitors have confirmed.

Mum wondering if she is to blame for Edinburgh show

CONCERNED mum Donna Sheridan is wondering what she did to inspire her daughter’s angst-ridden, sexually explicit Edinburgh show.

Young douchebags hail Calvin Harris as role model

SUPERSTAR DJ Calvin Harris is the number one role model for young aspiring douchebags, it has emerged.

Adults call for return of Saturday morning kids’ TV

ADULTS have called for the Saturday morning kids’ programmes which acted as a gentle hangover cure to be brought back to TV.

Woman ends 20-year attempt to like jazz

A MUSIC fan has finally admitted that jazz is bad.

New cafe allows man-children to return to the womb

A NEW cafe in Hackney allows customers to return to pre-birth conditions in special womb-like pods full of amniotic fluid.