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Grown men into that card game about wizards and shit

THOUSANDS of adult humans are into that game where you have little cards with pictures of monsters on them.

New PayPal ad features Richard Dawkins explaining why Father Christmas is a lie

PAYPAL’s seasonal advertising campaign stars Richard Dawkins telling children that Father Christmas is a logical impossibility.

A fascinating glimpse inside the Queen’s private sitting room

A RARE image of the monarch’s personal world shows she enjoys many familiar creature comforts.

Fog inspires shit poem

A MAN has written a poor quality poem about the fog.

As yet unmade series of Star Trek is shit, say Trekkies

STAR Trek fans have confirmed the new series of the show is a disgrace, six months before it begins filming.

Bear Grylls attempting to survive London on average salary

BEAR Grylls’ latest challenge is to live in London while earning £12.50 an hour.

I may not be as brilliant this time round, warns Phil Collins

PHIL Collins has warned his comeback may not see him match his solo career in which he became one of the top five musicians of all time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber pens musical about what a twat he is

ANDREW Lloyd Webber's new musical will tell the story of a billionaire who flies across an ocean to stop poor people getting tax credits.