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Porn magazines to focus on car articles that are real reason people buy them

ADULT magazines are to stop publishing nude pictures after readers demanded more lengthy articles about car engines.

Man who remembers Thundercats actually had a terrible childhood

A MAN who remembers something from the 90s did not therefore have a great time of it as a boy.

Suffragette movie features heroic male lead

NEW film Suffragette, about women’s struggle for the vote, is set for box office glory after inventing a male hero who led the movement to victory.

BBC admits Bake Off is catastrophic social experiment

THE BBC has revealed The Great British Bake Off is an 'enormously dangerous', population-wide experiment.

Beastie Boys apologise for Rage Against the Machine

BEASTIE Boys co-founder Adam Horovitz has apologised for inspiring bombastic dirge-metallers Rage Against the Machine.

Gay actors ‘damage believability of ridiculous nonsense’

DISCOVERING an actor is gay can make the alien or superhero they are playing seem less believable, it has been claimed.

Morrissey novel demands shelf to itself

MORRISSEY'S new novel has condemned everything else in the bookshop.

500-word TripAdvisor review to be made into a movie

A BRITISH holidaymaker will see his epic Tripadvisor review made into a major Hollywood movie.