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Channel 4 to show healthy lovemaking in natural cube environment

CHANNEL 4 is to show typical, healthy inside-a-glass-box lovemaking.

Fans of The Newsroom shocked by Jeff Daniels' Emmy

FANS of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom are surprised and angry after star Jeff Daniels won the Emmy for best actor.

iPhone vs Jason vs Aliens announced

IPHONE 6 will be a feature film where the smartphone battles classic movie monsters Jason Voorhees and the aliens.  

Wogan/Harries to be the new Frost/Nixon

THE iconic 1988 interview between Terry Wogan and Lauren Harries is being made into a film in the style of Frost/Nixon.

Booker Prize to gradually remove itself from own arse

THE Man Booker prize has taken the first steps towards clambering out of its own rectum.

US TV to merge into 'Good Bad Breaking Scandal Wife'

AMERICAN television drama is to merge into one uber-show which will be watched by everyone.