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Friends to return as sitcom about miserable, isolated 40somethings

US SITCOM Friends is coming back for a new series where all the characters are too busy to ever hang out with each other.

Hitler barrel not fully scraped

HITLER-BASED entertainment bullshit will continue to be produced for another 200 years, experts have claimed.

Iron Maiden fans somehow immune to self-consciousness epidemic

FANS of the band Iron Maiden are somehow unaffected by the self-consciousness epidemic sweeping the Western world.

Daft Punk revealed to be Elvis and Buddy Holly

DANCE act Daft Punk have removed their robot helmets to reveal they are Elvis and Buddy Holly.

Arts Council to focus on pornography

FUNDING for the arts will be targeted at the highly profitable market for hard-core erotica.

Holly Willoughby explains concept of death to ITV viewers

HOLLY Willoughby has told ITV viewers why the lady in the box is asleep forever.