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Melchett was weakest Blackadder character, says God

GOD has responded to Stephen Fry’s criticism by claiming that Lord Melchett was the worst thing in Blackadder.

Taken fans have not seen any non-Taken films

TAKEN 3 audience members have seen no other films apart from Taken and Taken 2, it has emerged.

Breaking Bad spin-off is nature documentary

THE spin-off from hit drama Breaking Bad is a documentary about the flora and fauna of the New Mexico desert, its producers have revealed.

Cumberbatch to play Alan Hansen

BENEDICT Cumberbatch has been confirmed to play football pundit Alan Hansen in a forthcoming biopic.

Eastenders to become first horror soap

THE new horror-themed trailer for EastEnders marks a permanent change of direction for the show, the BBC has announced.

Tutankhamun’s beard actually a chair leg

THE facial appendage on Tutankhamun’s burial mask is a hastily-attached chair leg, it has emerged.

Page 3 returns with animal nipples

THE Sun has reinstated semi-naked females on its third page, but will stick with non-human species.

Wolf Hall viewers still waiting for wolf

VIEWERS of Wolf Hall have complained to the BBC that it did not feature the promised wolves.