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Tolkien fans not arsed whether The Hobbit is loyal to book

AS Peter Jackson's The Hobbit premieres, Tolkien's easygoing fans are definitely not interested in picking holes in it.

Colin Baker to be Doctor Who again

COLIN Baker’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity… has prompted BBC bosses to bring him back as Doctor Who.

The Snowman sequel is about a boy and a puddle

THE sequel to Raymond Briggs' The Snowman follows a boy's increasingly desperate attempts to have adventures with a puddle.

Jungle bikini celebrity has a penis

FANS of I'm A Celebrity... are in shock after a breast owner was revealed to have a penis.

Newsnight exposed as news molester

NEWSNIGHT has been exposed as a serial abuser of perfectly decent news stories.

Cameron sends Schofield list of people who were intimate with rodents

DAVID Cameron has retaliated in his war with Philip Schofield by sending the TV presenter a list of 'rodent companions' he found on the internet.