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Music 'best enjoyed indoors'

THE UK's festival industry is reeling from a new study which concludes that music listeners reach the peaks of aural pleasure when warm and dry.

'Darkest ever' Batman just a black screen

CHRISTOPHER Nolan's latest Batman film consists of a cinema screen that remains black and silent for two-and-a-half hours.

Man kills himself for enjoying 'Jamie's Summer Food Rave Up'

31-YEAR-OLD Tom Logan took his own life after failing to hate TV chef Jamie Oliver's festival-themed show, it has emerged.

50 Shades of Clegg

THE Daily Mash presents an exclusive excerpt from the erotic memoir that is setting the publishing world alight.

Documentary channels drop factual subjects

SATELLITE documentary channels have decided to drop factual programming to focus on UFOs, Bigfoot and Atlantis.

Annual six-week soap opera break triggers usual moaning

THE yearly six-week break in the soap opera season is causing widespread grumpiness among fans of popular drama.

Harry Styles abducted by Loose Women

POLICE fear the worst for pop singer Harry Styles after he was taken from a nightclub by the presenters of ITV's Loose Women.

Becoming a 'Steampunk' best way to prolong virginity

DRESSING as a Victorian-themed science fiction character is a great way to avoid ever having sex, it has emerged.