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Jungle bikini celebrity has a penis

FANS of I'm A Celebrity... are in shock after a breast owner was revealed to have a penis.

Newsnight exposed as news molester

NEWSNIGHT has been exposed as a serial abuser of perfectly decent news stories.

Cameron sends Schofield list of people who were intimate with rodents

DAVID Cameron has retaliated in his war with Philip Schofield by sending the TV presenter a list of 'rodent companions' he found on the internet.

Kim Kardashian becomes Archbishop of Kanterbury

REALITY star Kim Kardashian has landed the top job in the modernised Church of England.

MPs open ‘House of Showbiz’

A THIRD house of Parliament dedicated to showbiz and razzle-dazzle has been unveiled.

Pippa Middleton presents Copulate

An exclusive excerpt from Pippa Middleton's new book, a guide to organising flawless sexual intercourse.

X Factor contestants being sold as meat

STRUGGLING music mogul Simon Cowell is hoping to bolster revenue by turning pop hopefuls into food.