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Some idiots only halfway through first season of The Wire

YEARS after it finished, some idiots are still struggling through the first season of The Wire.

BBC teases image of Peter Capaldi's mug

THE BBC has released an exclusive picture of new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi's mug.

Guardian readers demand ‘The Bridge’ without subtitles

SCANDINAVIAN drama The Bridge is being ruined by the English subtitles, Guardian readers have claimed.

Adele wins Grammy for not releasing an album

CHART sensation Adele has been given a Grammy for not releasing an album in 2013.

American Hustle audiences can't work out which decade it's set in

CONFUSED cinemagoers have criticised American Hustle for its ambiguous historical context.

Coronation Street urged to bring back specky little fat guy

THE producers of Coronation Street have been urged to bring back the little fat man with the bow tie and the glasses.

BBC's Musketeers adaptation slammed for lack of dog characters

NEW BBC series The Musketeers has been condemned for portraying Alexandre Dumas's characters as human rather than canine.

Beatles to reform without the cool ones

THE least cool half of The Beatles are reforming to play at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.