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Strivers and shirkers to become rival pop acts

X FACTOR 2013 will pit singers with jobs against a band of benefits recipients.

M & M's World now a totalitarian state

THE chocolate citizens of M & M's World are living under a brutal totalitarian regime, it has emerged.

Burchill slams Chorlton and the Wheelies

COLUMNIST Julie Burchill has launched an astonishing broadside against 1970s children’s programme Chorlton and the Wheelies.

Les Misérables nominated for best foreign-sounding film Oscar

LES Misérables is leading the Oscar pack with nominations including best foreign-sounding film and best cockney cccent in a French-based film.

BBC finally realises its job is to make people more stupid

THE BBC has embraced its role as the UK's leading 'moronifier' with another documentary about drunk teenagers shagging.

Hollywood 'living in some sort of fantasy world'

HOLLYWOOD'S denial of a link between movie violence and gun murder suggests it may be living in some sort of made-up, fantasy world, experts have claimed.