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Kasabian album title references fans' IQ range

KASABIAN'S number one album 48:13 is named after their fan base's upper and lower intelligence test scores.

Action film starring 71 year-old man hits snag

THE producers of the new Star Wars film admit they have no idea how long it takes a 71 year-old man to recover from a broken ankle.

Atari ET game to be made into film

THE 1982 Atari video game ET: The Extra-Terrestrial is to be made into a live-action film.

Gamers thrilled by space marine dwarf

GAMERS have praised a new X-Box game that fuses science fiction bullshit with Tolkein bullshit.

Britain thanks inventor of videotape

BRITAIN has today paid tribute to the inventors of the videotape that was used to record Rik Mayall.

Last year’s Big Brother contestants still in the house

THIS year's Big Brother contestants have discovered their predecessors have been trapped in the house for the last nine months.

BBC to launch Swearing Channel

THE BBC is to launch an experimental swearing channel to test whether anyone really gives a toss if the word 'fuck' is heard on daytime TV.

Official World Cup anthem makes no reference to football or World Cup

WORLD Cup anthem singers Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez do not know what football is, it has been claimed.