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Going out still not horrible enough

A TYPICAL night out in the UK is still not unpleasant enough, according to most British people.

Bond producers defend piles cream in Skyfall

JAMES Bond fans have voiced concern over the product placement of Preparation H in Skyfall.

Watchdog to investigate Cash in the Attic

The Watchdog probe was launched amid claims that an episode of Cash in the Attic was dropped because that week's attic belonged to Jimmy Savile.

Creative people likely to suffer from pretentiousness

ARTISTIC people are prone to being full of shit, according to a new study.

Hirst unveils pregnant statue's useless boyfriend

DAMIEN Hirst's bronze of a pregnant teenager has been joined by a statue of her skunk-addled boyfriend.

Harmonising mice make it through to Boot Camp

A GROUP of harmonising mice are preparing themselves for the gruelling Boot Camp stage of X Factor.

Bake-Off will last as long as the recession, says BBC

THE Great British Bake-Off will last as long as you need it to, the BBC has confirmed.