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Man buys Band Aid single for musical content

AN office worker has purchased the Band Aid song just because he thinks it is good.

Time dilation effect means Interstellar takes 23 years to watch

Cinemagoers watching sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar have staggered out of the film after almost a quarter of a century to find that only a few hours had passed outside.

Led Zeppelin fans retroactively named 'the Zepsters'

LED Zeppelin's fans are to be known as 'the Zepsters’, it has been announced.

New Star Wars film not just called ‘Han Solo’s In It’

THE new Star Wars film will be called The Force Awakens rather than simply stating that it features Han Solo.

Cumberbatch to marry someone he’s met

FANS of Benedict Cumberbatch are outraged at the actor’s decision to marry a woman he has actually met face to face.

Make final Pink Floyd album your final album, over-50s urged

ANYONE over 50 who still listens to music has been told they can have this one last Pink Floyd album and then stop.

Phil Rudd latest victim of anti-drummer conspiracy, say drummers

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been targeted by an international conspiracy to discredit drummers, it has been claimed.

John Lewis advert ‘condones penguin sex trafficking’

THE John Lewis Christmas advert has been condemned for promoting the trade in penguin sex slaves.