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Appetite For Destruction wins Best Album of All Time If We're Honest

GUNS 'N Roses' debut album has been named the greatest album ever by a judging panel tired of lying to themselves.

Historically accurate 80s night features nuclear paranoia, AIDS and riots

A NEW 1980s-themed nightclub gives patrons an authentic experience of a profoundly painful decade.

The Archers set in Marvel Universe

CHARACTERS in radio soap The Archers have been revealed to inhabit the same reality as Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

Women’s magazines have weird taste in films

WOMEN’S magazines recommend films that every other media outlet finds reprehensible, experts have discovered.

BBC launches BBC All Day Breakfast

THE BBC is to introduce a new rolling 24-hour channel dedicated to breakfast TV.

Danger Mouse to get gritty origin story

A NEW version of Dangermouse will reveal how the main character lost an eye during torture.

Kasabian album title references fans' IQ range

KASABIAN'S number one album 48:13 is named after their fan base's upper and lower intelligence test scores.

Action film starring 71 year-old man hits snag

THE producers of the new Star Wars film admit they have no idea how long it takes a 71 year-old man to recover from a broken ankle.