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Painting of fruit tipped for Turner Prize

FRUIT Bowl by 52-year-old spinster Mary Fisher is  the controversial frontrunner for this year's Turner Prize.

David Guetta 'foraging for nuts and berries'

FERAL dance music genius David Guetta has been spotted foraging in a suburban garden.

It's wizards after all! says Rowling

J.K. ROWLING has revealed that her new book is actually called The Wizards of Poggly Boggle, and is not boring.

BBC's pornographic websites not available in UK

THE BBC runs a number of porn sites that cannot be viewed in the UK because they contain advertising, it has emerged.

So what really happened at the climax of Parade's End?

BRITAIN is buzzing with theories about how Sherlock Holmes appeared to be dancing at the climax of Parade's End.

BBC unveils Andrew Marr's History of Crisps

"What was it that first inspired an ancient monkey to fondle a potato?"