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Jazzy Jeff's 'Summertime' sounding like a piss take

THE classic hip hop track Summertime, which celebrates seasonal sunshine and happiness, is sounding like a cruel joke to UK radio listeners.

Shakespeare’s first theatre ‘mainly porno’

WILLIAM Shakespeare’s first theatre offered mainly low-budget hardcore sex plays, it has emerged.

Prometheus lauded by stoner critics

RIDLEY Scott’s sci-fi epic Prometheus is the greatest film ever made, leading pothead reviewers have claimed.

Moffat unveils all-nude Sherlock

THE next series of Sherlock will be filmed entirely in the nude, producer Steven Moffat has announced.

Queen psyched about Jubilee Truck Jam

THE world's leading modified vehicles, including Bigfoot and Jurassic Attack, will perform at Buckingham Palace's Jubilee Truck Jam on June 4.

DC Comics reveals all Marvel characters are gay

IRON MAN, the Hulk and all other Marvel Comics characters ever have been outed as gay by rival publisher DC.

Skyfall released as preview to trailer

THE latest two-hour Bond feature Skyfall has been released as a teaser for the more exciting trailer.

Pudsey: My winnits hell

THE winner of Britain's Got Talent has described how he overcame the nightmare of tag-ons to achieve success.