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Bale to return as Megabatman

FORMER Batman Christian Bale is to play a new self-devised superhero called Megabatman.

Average Masterchef contestant looks a decade older than they are

THE gruelling and horrible chef lifestyle has prematurely aged contestants on BBC Two’s Masterchef: The Professionals.

Man faces pretending to like Ride all over again

A MAN in his thirties has expressed dismay at having to pretend to like 90s shoegaze band Ride for the second time.

New Cold War ‘will trigger tedious spy novels’

A NEW Cold War could result in hundreds of incomprehensible spy novels, experts have warned.

Man buys Band Aid single for musical content

AN office worker has purchased the Band Aid song just because he thinks it is good.

Time dilation effect means Interstellar takes 23 years to watch

Cinemagoers watching sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar have staggered out of the film after almost a quarter of a century to find that only a few hours had passed outside.

Led Zeppelin fans retroactively named 'the Zepsters'

LED Zeppelin's fans are to be known as 'the Zepsters’, it has been announced.

New Star Wars film not just called ‘Han Solo’s In It’

THE new Star Wars film will be called The Force Awakens rather than simply stating that it features Han Solo.