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Erotic novel about man who is controlling in a really petty way

A WOMEN'S erotica novel about a relationship with a pernickety twat is smashing sales records.

Disney promises 61-year-old Princess Leia in metal bikini

CARRIE Fisher will get back into fetish gear for the next Star Wars film in 2017, Disney has promised.

Why I am rejoining the Empire, by Darth Vader

I am delighted that the Empire is to merge with the Walt Disney Company. The opportunities for true evil are immense.

Derren Brown using fake audience

DERREN Brown was last night accused of using a fake audience for his latest hypno-stunt.

BBC to investigate Pugwash rumours

THE BBC is to launch a £10m probe into claims of sexually suggestive language in its 1970s cartoons.

Going out still not horrible enough

A TYPICAL night out in the UK is still not unpleasant enough, according to most British people.