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BBC condemned for hiring part-time overnight cleaner who didn’t wear poppy

THE BBC is facing a storm of criticism for employing an overnight cleaner who did not wear a poppy.

Man has seen all the big bands when they were unknown and shit

A ROCK fan has seen all of today's top bands before they were famous or worth watching, he has confirmed.

Teenager determined to explain the plot of 'Mr Robot'

A 13-YEAR-OLD boy is telling everyone he encounters about TV series Mr Robot.

Annoying Star Wars character that will ruin it all confirmed as ‘Spunko Bo’

JJ ABRAMS has confirmed that the new unbearable Star Wars gimmick character is a jelly-like thing called Spunko Bo.

David Cronenberg to direct nightmarish final Downton Abbey

CANADIAN ‘body horror’ auteur David Cronenberg is to direct the final demented episode of Downton Abbey.

Award-winning nature photograph shows humans having a fight

A STRIKING image of two humans fighting in a nightclub has won a major nature photography award.

90s generation living through revival of music they hated the first time

A GENERATION of music listeners are suffering through the revival of the house music they have already hated once.

Government bans hoverboards and going on about Back to the Future

THE government has banned hoverboards and enthusing about Back to the Future.