The Artist named this year’s ‘amaaayzing’ film

A BLACK-and-white tribute to the golden age of silent cinema, has been
named this year’s most ‘amaaayzing’ film by people you will overhear in coffee shops.

Not amaaayzing, apparently

The Artist formally replaces last year’s most ‘amaaayzing’ film, The King’s Speech, as of 20 January.

The art-house film has become a huge hit among people who know more about films than you do or who think their fondness for films you have not seen makes them more worthwhile than you are.

Amateur film critic Nathan Muir, 41, said: “I was told that The Artist was amaaayzing and I wasn’t disappointed.

“The use of black and white was amaaayzing, as was the soundtrack and the set design. I also spotted several obscure references that I’m sure not many other people did and this momentarily boosted up my sense of self.

“Which was amaaayzing.”

The film joins an illustrious list of ‘amaaayzing’ films from the last 30 years.

Previous title holders include Jane Campion’s The Piano with its amaaayzing cinematography, Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love and its amaaayzing performances and Lars Von Trier’s Breaking the Waves about which both the cinematography and the performances were amaaayzing.

Tom Logan, from Hatfield, said: “But Breaking the Waves was unwatchable rubbish.

“Aaaah, right.”

The Artist is currently showing in cinemas where you can buy coffee in china cups, sit on a manky suede sofa and pay£7.50 for a tiny pot of Thai chilli bites.