Being digitised 'nothing like Tron'

LLOYDS staff have complained that being ‘digitised’ merely involves being sacked rather than blasted into a thrilling video game world.

No rush for HS3, say Northerners

NORTHERN rail commuters have admitted that they have no real need to go anywhere very fast.

Any company making a profit is lying

ANY business which claims to be successful is covering up a huge hole in its accounts, analysts have confirmed.

‘Getting your name out there’ to become legal tender

ANYONE asked to undertake unpaid work can exchange Facebook ‘likes’ for food under a new government initiative.

New car as generic as you are

A NEW model of car is as unremarkable as your personality, according to its makers.

Banks unveil next year's bailout

THE UK’s banks have announced their new multi-billion pound government bailout, which will take place in March next year.

Group of tired, miserable people actually networking

A GROUP of conference attendees making strained conversation at the bar have realised that they are networking.

UK sells last tiny piece of infrastructure

A TRAFFIC island which was the UK's last piece of infrastructure has been sold to the private sector.