Sausage factories attack ‘blatant prejudice’

SAUSAGE factories have defended their reputation, saying they are worthwhile businesses without which there would be no sausages.

Little Chef customers reject Blumenthal's food made of clocks

LITTLE Chef has removed Heston Blumenthal dishes from its menu after realising that people did not want to eat minced clocks.

Amazing Google office has wank shed

GOOGLE'S incredible HQ has been revamped to include a shed where employees can masturbate.

NSA offers to make Google's tax problems 'go away'

THE US National Security Agency has assured Google it can make its tax problems just disappear into thin air.

Ugly estate agents blamed for weak housing market

UNATTRACTIVE estate agents are to blame for the fragility on the UK property market.

Everything co-workers do is annoying

ABSOLUTELY everything your colleagues do is annoying, it has emerged.