Thomas Cook ad to feature ‘Debaser’

THOMAS Cook has become the latest travel company to base a television advert on a song by the Pixies.


Following Thomson’s success with Where is My Mind and Butlin’s use of Wave of Mutilation, the new campaign by the 170 year-old tour operator will feature the orginal version of Debaser.

The 30 second advert will show a happy family walking along a Spanish beach at sunset, intercut with footage of an eyeball being sliced open.

A spokesman said: “Andalusia is one of our most popular destinations so we wanted a jingle that truly captured that sense of freedom and relaxation.

“In recent years our brand identity may have led some people to think that we are not groovy, but we are. We are so groovy and we want you to know.”

Pixies frontman Frank Black gave permission, insisting his inspiration for the song, Un Chien Andalou, the surrealist short film by Louis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, was originally an advert for panty liners.

The Thomas Cook spokesman added: “Summer holidays are all about fun, sunshine and horrific eye injuries.

“Summer is such an important part of the magic of childhood and we want to convey the idea that our holidays are not only memorable but could also inspire one of our young customers to grow up to be a debaser.”