Adrian Chiles ‘Racially Abused A Badger’

ANIMAL rights protesters have condemned Adrian Chiles after footage showed him shouting ‘half breed’ at a frightened badger.

'His face was contorted with hate'

A BBC crew filming at a Carlisle animal shelter were shocked to hear Chiles demanding the hedgehogs be forced into labour camps and call for the repatriation of shrews.

Cameraman Tom Logan said: “He launched into this incoherent ramble, denouncing the inferior gypsy blood of Mrs Tiggywinkle and insisted that work would set the woodland creatures free.

“But the weird thing was that despite his aggression and wanton cruelty, because of his Birmingham accent it had no credibility whatsoever. A bit like a tattooed, skinhead Jasper Carrott asking you who you’re looking at, over and over again.”

Meanwhile, the partially-melted presenter has left the BBC a week earlier than planned after he was found in the Blue Peter Italian sunken garden with Barney, the programme’s dachshund, in a vicious headlock.

Security guard Charlie Reeves said: “He was wheeling around the pond with a bottle of Scotch, spraying piss like a burst water main and screaming at a nearby owl to fly back to ‘Owlvania’.

“When I asked him to let go of Barney he called me a ‘Setter-lover’ and a traitor to my species.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: “It’s obvious to anyone watching his treatment of Martin Keown on MOTD2 that Chiles has a real problem with animals, not to mention the chapter in his 2007 book when he accused Villa-supporting moles of conspiring to get West Brom relegated.”

Chiles has insisted that recent events will not affect his coverage of the 2010 World Cup, adding: “As long as them bastard Arctic Terns remember which country they should be cheering for.”