Blair to teach Murdoch’s daughter how to lie

TONY Blair has pledged to school his god-daughter in the ancient ways of dishonesty.

Blair encourages her to send him letters filled with subtle lies about her pony

Blair was chosen by media billionaire Rupert Murdoch to be godfather to daughter Grace after the elderly Australian feared he would not be around to teach her how to lie himself.

A family friend said: “Like any father, Rupert wants his daughter to be taught how to mislead people by someone who has a passion for it.

“He wanted someone who would watch over her, making sure she was being perceived correctly by the media, while encouraging her to be so dishonest that one day she might even believe her own lies.”

The friend added: “Tony is very devout when it comes to telling lies. He prays about it for hours.

“I sometimes think he is trying to see if he can lie to God. Or maybe he is trying to teach God how to be as dishonest as he is.

“It all points to a man who is still incredibly ambitious and I think that’s what makes him such a wonderful role model for the children of billionaires.”

Blair’s role as godfather emerged in a fascinating Vogue interview with Wendi Murdoch which also revealed that rich people are even worse than you could possibly have imagined.

The article tells how Wendi is actually on her second stolen husband, thinks poverty stricken Chinese towns are ‘funny’ and obviously reckons that if she gets her children baptised in the river Jordan they will be better Christians than everybody else, in exactly the way Jesus had intended.

The interview also revealed that Wendi’s close friend Nicole Kidman thinks it is so important to have a ‘moral compass’, especially when accepting £20 million a year to play dress-up before putting your hair in a no-nonsense pony tail and visiting people who don’t have any food.