Clarkson slammed for ‘owlist’ rant

JEREMY Clarkson has infuriated wildlife groups by describing owls as ‘head-rotating gaylords’ and ‘mouse munchers’.

And they regurgitate

Clarkson unleashed a barrage of ‘owlist’ epithets while co-hosting BBC1’s Countryfile with Chris Packham.

Clarkson said: “The wide-faced nocturnal bastards. People think they’re endangered but really they’re just little woodland Hitlers.

“You ask a vole. Or a dormouse.  Or a pygmy shrew.

“Have you ever seen an owl with a job? I haven’t. Why bother working for a living when you can get £500 a week from the RSPB?”

Clarkson went on to refer to owls as ‘endangered for a reason’, ‘strigiform tossers’ and ‘basically French people with beaks’.

He then produced a claw hammer and attempted to climb a tree containing roosting owls. However his progress was halted when his big belt got caught on a branch.

Tom Logan, media analyst at Donnelly-McPartlin said: “Having run out of human minorities to rail against, it appears Clarkson is targeting other species.

“The general feeling at the BBC is that Clarkson needs a new outlet for his increasingly hackneyed ‘Mr Angry’ screen persona.

“So expect to see him fronting a revamped Really Wild Show with Clarkson strapping Richard Hammond to the back of a golden eagle which he then deliberately crashes into a bison.”