Could Newsnight have stopped Savile even though he was dead?

NEWSNIGHT’S Jimmy Savile investigation could have stopped the paedophile from abusing more victims even though he had been dead for two months, it has been confirmed.

Still at it

Insiders claim that if the BBC had broadcast the report Savile could have been dug up, arrested and charged.

A source said: “He would have been caught like a deer in the headlights. Or perhaps a stuffed deer that had been placed in the middle of the road.

“Instead the BBC decided to let a dead pervert go free. Even now he is trawling for fresh victims while decomposing in his wooden box.

“He also has a computer down there so he can keep in touch with the BBC’s Gary Glitter.”

Meanwhile, it emerged that Newsnight confronted Savile at his grave in Scarborough.

Reporter Liz MacKean shouted allegations into the ground using a megaphone, but Savile remained suspiciously tight-lipped.

The following day, in an email to everyone at the BBC, Newsnight editor Peter Rippon said: “His silence was deafening. But if we dig him up he’ll only hire fancy lawyers.”