New Photo-Shoot Reveals Gaping, Soulless Void At Centre Of Katie Price

A SPECTACULAR new photo shoot by glamour model Katie Price has revealed the echoing chasm at the centre of her being.

And yet, her bra remains far from empty

Promoting her new range of Asda lingerie, Price, also known as Jordan, looked as curvaceous as ever, while at the same time being devoid of all humanity.

Dr Tom Logan, of the Institute for Studies, said: "It's the eyes, they're so wonderfully dead.

"The eyes, the face, the whole experience of looking at Katie Price leaves you feeling as if you have just stared over the abyss into the desolate, utterly indifferent vacuum of space.

"With this saucy photo shoot she has moved beyond the simple, earthly concepts of good and evil and drifted effortlessly into the realm of total emptiness."

Dr Logan warned that looking into Price's blank, lifeless eyes for too long may leave the viewer with the inescapable sense of life having lost all meaning.

He added: "Her face can be strangely hypnotic, a bit like static on a television screen. It is essentially just millions of pixels of nothingness.

"Though I have to say, she does look phenomenal in those panties."