Of course I smoke crack, says Boris

BORIS Johnson has admitted being 'on the pipe'.

Esther Rantzen present throughout human history

ESTHER Rantzen has been present at every key moment in human history, it has emerged.

Beckham memoir slams 'lacklustre' former hairdresser

DAVID Beckham has attacked an "unimaginative" Cheshire hairdresser in his latest autobiography.

Dawkins uncovers Vatican honey plot

RICHARD Dawkins is in hiding after discovering a Catholic plot to stockpile honey.

Brooks and Coulson 'paid each other to talk about affair'

FORMER News of the World editors Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson would only discuss their intercourse after paying each other five-figure sums, it has been claimed.

Lou Reed moves into sleazy downtown area of Heaven

DECEASED musician Lou Reed has moved into the area of Heaven where there is heroin and transsexual hookers.

The Mash guide to Prince George's godparents

A COMPLETE list of your future master's newly-appointed guardians.

Prince George rejects Christianity

THE heir to the throne thinks Christianity is a load of nonsense, it has emerged.