Popeye strong to the finish because of monkey hormone injections

SAILOR Popeye has admitted that his immense upper body strength is not the result of a spinach-heavy diet.

I love money, says Queen

THE best thing about being monarch is the huge amount of money you get, the Queen has confirmed.

Everyone at fancy wedding is fabulous

EVERYONE who attended the society wedding of the year is completely fantastic in every way.

Heaven hit by mysterious fires

A SPATE of restaurant fires in Heaven has been linked to Tony Soprano.

Pope John Paul II 'completed Jet Set Willy'

THE former Pope's mystery-shrouded miracle was completing an impossible computer game in the 80s, it has emerged.

Kate to give birth while watching Foyle's War and eating a pie

THE Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that her birth plan includes some murder mystery DVDs and a homemade pork pie.