Celebrities rich

DOZENS of celebrities are rich, it has emerged.

'Bully' not the same as 'twat', celebrities told

CELEBRITIES are to have the meaning of the word 'bully' explained to them, in a bid to stop it becoming utterly meaningless.

Clarkson slammed for 'owlist' rant

JEREMY Clarkson has infuriated wildlife groups by describing owls as 'head-rotating gaylords' and 'mouse munchers'.

Olympic torch being a right bastard

THE Olympic torch is becoming increasingly arrogant and egotistical, it has emerged.

Interest in Lindsay Lohan classified as mental illness

HAVING an interest in Lindsay Lohan is a form of insanity, psychiatrists have confirmed.

Kim Kardashian to face Pippa Middleton in buttock duel

US REALITY star Kim Kardashian will face Pippa Middleton in a buttock-based confrontation that could decide the future of the monarchy.

Receptionist shocked to discover sidebar fame

A 22-YEAR-OLD Londoner has been amazed to find more than a hundred stories about her weight, dress sense and love life on the Daily Mail's website.

Yoda: Corporate bitch I now am

ONCE-GREAT Jedi Master Yoda will flog anything for cash, it has emerged.