Davidson popularity leaves Britons worried they have entered parallel universe

BRITONS are concerned they have woken up in an alternate dimension after seeing crowds cheering Jim Davidson.

Tarantino sues himself for plagiarism

PULP Fiction director Quentin Tarantino is suing himself for writing a screenplay clearly derivative of his earlier work.

Palace to offer 'no frills' bed and breakfast

THE Queen is to offer bed and breakfast accommodation so that she can continue living in Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles building up immunity to working classes

THE Prince of Wales is being exposed to the working classes twice daily to bolster his immune system before he takes the throne.

Mike Tindall takes vital step towards seizing throne

FORMER England rugby captain Mike Tindall has strengthened his bid to seize the throne from Queen Elizabeth.

World wondering when it'll turn on Jennifer Lawrence

THE world's moviegoers are debating when they'll decide they can no longer stand actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Prince George begins boarding school

THE one-year-old heir to the British throne has started his first term at Gordonstoun preparatory school.

Mariah Carey gettingĀ nothing for Christmas again

POP star Mariah Carey will, once again, receive no Christmas presents from her family or friends.