Dawkins memoir leaves out bit about Zeus creating him from clay

RICHARD Dawkins's autobiography controversially omits his creation by lightning on the slopes of Mount Olympus.

Princess Diana 'had terrible hair'

PRINCESS Diana's hair looked really weird, it has been claimed.

Prince William to set up PR agency

PRINCE William is to quit the armed forces and become a full-time public relations consultant.

Miley Cyrus's tongue growing uncontrollably

MILEY Cyrus's tongue will soon be three times longer than her body, experts have warned.

Prince Andrew commits perfect crime

PRINCE Andrew probably walked out of Buckingham Palace with more than £2m in jewels - after being caught by the police.

Brand used a Mercedes, just like Hitler

RUSSELL Brand has enjoyed the comfort of a Mercedes Benz, just like Adolf Hitler.

Frost teases apology from God

GOD has apologised to mankind in a dramatic interview with the late Sir David Frost.