Prince Charles injured by heavy irony

PRINCE Charles is recovering in hospital after a big lump of science-related irony hit him on the head.

Charles to become Queen

FORMER Prince Charles has mixed feelings about his new role as the Queen, it has emerged.

Ex-pope still hanging around Vatican annoying everyone

EX-POPE Benedict is seriously getting under people’s feet at the Vatican, say cardinals.

I am just dreadful, admits Paltrow

GWYNETH Paltrow has admitted she is jaw-droppingly ghastly and awful.

Richard Dawkins and God to star in 70s-style sitcom

RICHARD Dawkins is the star of a new sitcom where his wife secretly takes in God as a lodger.

London does my head in, says reanimated Dr Johnson

THE newly-reanimated 18th century writer Dr Johnson is not enjoying modern London.

Queen 'landed with a sickening crunch'

THE Queen has suffered extensive injuries after being repeatedly thrown into the air during birthday celebrations.