Paris Hilton May Be Forced To Debase Herself For Money, Say Friends


PARIS Hilton may be forced to debase herself for money after her grandfather announced he was giving her inheritance to charity, her friends warned last night.

What's an insanely wealthy girl to do?

The beautiful singer and television personality has always maintained that her artistic integrity is worth more to her than financial gain, leading her to refuse numerous offers to pose naked because she considered such work personally degrading and demeaning to women.

However, there are fears the sudden loss of her wealth may force Hilton into desperate measures, with friends suggesting she may resort to displaying her vagina on the internet to make ends meet. 

The friend said: “Paris has always insisted that there is no way her vagina is going to appear anywhere on the web. But she’s not Nicole Richie. She can’t live on thin air.

“She does live a very frugal life, but the bus fares from her apartment to the library run into tens of dollars a week, and the girl needs to read everyday or she goes mad.

“Last week she bought the abridged paperback of Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire when a month ago you know she would have bought the six volume set in hardback. But that still cost nearly ten bucks.”

Another friend said that Hilton would never reveal her vagina for personal benefit but would get it out it if it allowed her to carry on funding her charitable work with poor, blind children.

“She'll do anything she can to help them,” said the friend. “If that means sucking a big, fat cock and putting it on the internet for cash then you know she'll do it. She’s that kind of girl.”

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