Energy costs will only rise by £110 as long as it’s really, really windy

CLAIMS that Britain’s green energy revolution will cost consumers thousands of pounds have been dismissed by people who believe it is going to be windy.

As long as the big things go round we're fine

The Committee on Climate Change said that by 2020 the average increase in energy bills caused by renewable investment will be £110 because of all the wind that is definitely going to happen.

Chairman Lord Turner said: “The only problem we can possibly foresee is if it’s not as windy as we think it’s going to be.

“But that’s like saying ‘it’s not as sunny as you thought it was going to be’ or ‘it’s not as rainy as thought it was going to be’.

“Or ‘it’s really cloudy in August, what’s that about?’.”

The report was welcomed by the large energy providers who said that if they were going to pick a figure of out of thin air for how much more they felt like charging people then they would probably have chosen £110 as well.

Lord Turner added: “It’s not that green technology is, in itself, massively expensive, it’s that if it doesn’t actually work then you have to get the energy from somewhere else. Usually from people who aren’t very nice.

“So you end up with an expensive thing that doesn’t work all the time plus expensive energy from horrid people. And that is massively expensive.

“But it’s fine, because it’s going to be windy.”