Bats would rather do it with other species

THE UK’s bats are not having sex because they find each other weird-looking.

Seagulls running everything

SEAGULLS have been humankind's masters for the past three decades, it has emerged.

Sheep-eating plant invites humans to take just one step closer

A MASSIVE carnivorous plant has invited humans to come a tiny bit closer so they can get a proper look at its lovely blossom.

Horses weird

HORSES are strange, it has been claimed.

Cats head straight to cat pub

GPS collars have revealed that cats spend their nights in the nearest cat pub.

UK shale gas could last as long as a spaniel

THE UK's shale gas reserves could last as long as the average lifespan of a springer spaniel.

Middle lane voted 'best lane'

THE middle lane has been voted British Motorway Lane of the Year.