Time altered to suit nation's several remaining milkmen and farmers

THE nation is to be plunged into darkness because of about a dozen people who still deliver milk or grow things.

Women encouraged to challenge gender roles by tackling scary spiders

WOMEN should feel empowered to remove poisonous False Widow spiders from the bath, according to men.

Struggling badger cull may switch to cats

THE government cull may switch to cats as badgers are quite hard to kill.

Stocky dog disagrees with owner's claim that it doesn't bite

AN aggressive-looking dog has dismissed its owner's claims that it would never bite anyone.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles breeding in the UK

HUMANOID turtles with weapons skills have become a native species in Britain.

Bear jailed for smuggling marmalade to Peru

THE spectacled bear arrested at Paddington Station with a suitcase full of preserves has pleaded guilty to smuggling a prohibited substance.

Dog friendships last under 30 seconds

DOGS generally fall out within less than half a minute of befriending each other, it has been claimed.

Putting heating on 'like a bereavement'

TURNING the heating on after the summer is as traumatic as losing a reasonably well-liked relative, it has been claimed.