No word for autism in Danish

VIEWERS of BBC4 have called on Scandinavia to incorporate its dysfunctional policewomen into the autistic spectrum.

This jumper was unsuccessfully re-knitted for US television

Followers of Nordic crime drama The Bridge are asking the region to recognise the condition, which could offer a beacon of hope to its many eccentric, socially-disconnected female law enforcers.

Psychologist and Scando-crime fan Dr Julian Cook said: “Clearly the Scandinavians have no concept of autism.

“How many more times will we have to watch The Bridge‘s Saga Noren failing to react appropriately to social cues, exhibiting abnormal sexual behaviour and obsessively building statues of Bruce Springsteen out of exactly 40,000 lentils?

“To make it easy for them, I’ve suggested something called the ‘Lund-Noren scale’.

“Improved workplace legislation could mean Saga Noren is eligible for a Blue Badge and won’t have to work longer than a 16 hour week.

“And perhaps next time The Killing‘s Sara Lund starts tearing wildly at a partition wall with her bare hands while male colleagues stand around shaking their heads, someone from HR will step in and inform her of her rights to free software.”

Cook added: “In American equivalent Homeland, as soon as CIA agent Carrie Mathison listed her occupation as ‘lady TV detective’, American doctors started her on anti-psychotics.

“Now not only does Carrie change her clothes every episode, we also occasionally see her using a Femfresh.”