Tomato Ketchup Not A Main Course, Say Docs

SCHOOLS across England and Wales have been reminded not to serve tomato ketchup as a main course.

Most children will throw up after the third pint

Doctors say the popular sauce is best enjoyed in small dollops, often alongside meat based dishes.

A British Medical Association spokesman said: "Latest research confirms our theory that ketchup is a condiment.

"You can spread it across the inside of a bun or bap, or you can cut off bitesize pieces of sausage and dip them into the ketchup. It's really very nice."

He added: "What you must not do is put loads of ketchup into a large vat and then ladle it out to children as if it was cream of tomato soup.

"At that point the salt and sugar levels do become a tad excessive. So remember – condiment, not soup."

Local authorities are now being asked to review their school ketchup policy as well as the decision to fill every classroom with Marmite to a depth of 27 inches.

Kyle Stephenson, an eight year-old, said: "I'm glad they banned horrid ketchup. Last week I had to eat a whole bowl of it.

"They said it was from Italy. It made me cry."