Biden Urged To Name Vice President

VICE presidential candidate Joe Biden was last night urged to reveal who his vice president will be when Barak Obama is assassinated by a racist psychopath.

The suspect's name is Billy-Sue Jim-Joe, or some such

As police foiled the first swivel-eyed redneck conspiracy to target the would-be president, senior Democrats called on Biden to add a third name to the ticket.

Congressman Tab Logan, said: "Most people are expecting Obama to be knocked off within a couple of years, so it's only fair that we tell them who the next vice president will be.

"Out of respect for the late President Obama I think it should be another black guy. What about Samuel L Jackson? No, hang on, Chris Rock."

But Senator Chip Brubaker said: "It should be a woman, then we'd have one of each.

"What about Jennifer Aniston, or maybe Glenn Close? She played the vice president in Air Force One. Or was that Geena Davis? Not it was definitely Glenn Close. Then again she was a bit of wimp. Okay, scratch that – let's go with Sigourney Weaver."

But tensions have broken out between Obama and Biden over who has the right to choose the vice president's vice president.

A source close to Obama said: "It's our campaign so it's our call, especially as it's our guy who's going to get shot by Cletus the In-Bred Shitkicker.

"At the moment we're thinking Chris Rock."