Bush Explains Upside Of Torture, Mass Death And Bankruptcy

GEORGE W Bush has defended his presidency insisting history will wait
until he is dead before admitting that mass killing and bankruptcy are excellent.

During 2003 Mr Bush lost count of the times he had to point at the exploding Iraqi family

Launching his memoirs, I am the Pointer, the former President describes key moments in his life where he was asked to point at a photograph of something he wanted.

He told a US TV interviewer: “There was a time in my life when I was not sure what I wanted to do, so my dad’s friend Jimbo placed some photographs on a table.

“There was a picture of a baseball, a picture of a train, a picture of a spaceship and a picture of Air Force One. I thought about it for a long, long time – it felt like minutes – and then I pointed at the big airplane.”

The book also reveals the inner workings of the Bush White House in the run up to his decision to point at the invasion of Iraq.

He said: “My vice president was always very good at helping me make decisions. One day he came into my office and held up two photographs. One was of an exploding American family and one was of an exploding Iraqi family.

“I asked if he had a picture of some chemical or biological weapons I could point at. We laughed at that for about an hour…

“But then I pointed at that Iraqi family. I felt sick about it – I still do – but I hope they can appreciate why I exploded them.”

He added: “I wasn’t sure about torturing. Looked like it might hurt. So my vice president held up the photograph of the exploding American family and a photograph of a brown man with a beard who seemed to be in a lot of pain.

“I pointed right at that brown man and I’d do it again. The pointing I did that day saved lives.”

Mr Bush also reveals how quickly he had to point when the country’s top banker came into his office looking sad and carrying ‘at least five, maybe seven photographs’.

 “The commander of the federal reserves told me Lehman Brothers was no longer a liquid. I knew straight away that I had to point at the photograph of Barack Obama.

“And then I watched Kung Fu Panda. It was pretty good.”