John Paul II had ‘intense feelings for Heather Locklear’

POPE John Paul II developed strong feelings for Heather Locklear when she starred in TJ Hooker, it has been claimed.

According to a new book, The Pope’s Dirty Wardrobe, the Pontiff could be heard flagellating himself with a belt, usually around 10pm just after he had watched the popular US police drama, which also starred William Shatner.

Author Denys Finch-Hatton said: “Unless he did something horrible during the war that he never told anyone about, why was the Holy Father punishing himself with such ferocity?

“His close advisers were able to rule out a variety of sins including adultery, embezzlement, tax avoidance and speeding.

“Eventually they were left with no other conclusion – he must have been watching Heather Locklear and then atoning like his life depended on it.”

Finch-Hatton said mystery has always surrounded the subject of the Pope’s masturbatory fantasies, adding: “Heather Locklear has emerged as the favourite but a lot of people still think it was Daryl Hannah.

“He had a life-long obsession with mermaids.”